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List of products by manufacturer Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn, soft e smiling dolls for emotional play

Rubens Barn is a Swedish family-run company that since 1996 has been creating soft and smiling handmade dolls.

Each Rubens Barn doll is unique and is created with the aim of stimulating a creative and emotional play in children.

Rubens Barn dolls are also called empathy dolls, meaning they are able to stimulate a special bond with children. Through a production process including 100 steps, you get soft and light dolls, with a sweet look and smile that helps to create a real emotional bond.

That's why Rubens Barn dolls are not just for girls. In the Rubens Barn line you will also find several boys. They're also suitable for all ages.

Rubens Barn dolls meet all European and world safety standards.

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